Entrepreneurship at PreMiEr

PreMiEr is excited about providing opportunities for trainees to explore the innovation and entrepreneurial workspaces. Each participating institution has their own resources for these skills, but in the near future PreMiEr will work to synchronize their efforts within the center and begin offering a variety of services to researchers from all participating institutions. These may include:

    • Entrepreneur Workshop Series

        • 3-hour workshops offered by seasoned providers on topics including intellectual property, corporate law, customer discovery, regulation, pitching, and more.
    • Training in Needs Finding

        • Coursework and extracurricular programs in Needs Finding and Problem Formulation
    • Stories of Startup Success and Failure

        • Wherein seasoned entrepreneurs describe the thrill of victory and agony of defeat
    • Training in Customer Discovery

        • Education in customer engagement and customer discovery provided through workshops and iCrops (from the University of North Carolina – Charlotte)

PreMiEr trainees interested in learning more about these programs should reach out to Dr. William Walker @ Duke.

Information about each university’s entrepreneurship programs can be found at the links below.