PreMiEr’s Innovation Ecosystem

PreMiEr’s Innovation Ecosystem (IE) brings researchers and scholars from five top North Carolina research universities together with industry partners, community, academic, and government organizations, students, and young professionals from across the country.

The PreMiEr IE will:

1) Work with our industry partners to bring PreMiEr’s insights and inventions to market

Our industry partners work together with PreMiEr’s researchers to identify knowledge gaps and opportunities, design market-relevant experiments, and develop strategies for validation and commercialization of tools and products to create healthier homes, schools, workplaces, and other built environments.

 (Learn more about the benefits of becoming a PreMiEr Industry Partner here!)

2) Engage industry and community experts to provide insights informing PreMiEr’s research and student training initiatives

Our community, practitioner, and industry partners help us to identify research directions that will shape an emerging market based on understanding and altering built environment microbiomes. Our partners collaborate with PreMiEr to identify and fill gaps in our students’ training and provide valuable advice on the skills that tomorrow’s employees will need to be successful.

3) Develop entrepreneurial thinkers who can identify real-world needs and engineer solutions to improve human health by modifying our indoor environments

PreMiEr will train our students and researchers to think like entrepreneurs through innovation workshops, hands-on training in technology transfer, and experiential learning in advanced molecular diagnostics and bioinformatics.

The role of the Innovation Ecosystem in translating PreMiEr indoor microbiome research to innovation, products, and practice.