Innovation Ecosystem

PreMiEr’s Innovation Ecosystem brings together our industry partners, researchers from multiple disciplines, and community stakeholders, to envision, develop and bring to market new technologies that will make our homes, schools, and workplaces healthier spaces to occupy. This coalition will reimagine the workforce that in the future will innovate and develop products to measure, model and modify the microbiome of our built environment.

The Innovation Ecosystem will:

Bring industry and community expertise and insights to inform the PreMiEr’s research and student training initiatives.

Our community, practitioner and industry partners help us identify impactful research directions and shape an emerging market based on understanding and altering the built environment microbiome to improve human health. These partners work with us to understand and fill gaps in student training.

Develop entrepreneurial thinkers who can identify real-world needs and engineer solutions to improve human health by modifying our indoor environments.

Based on the premise that people who are resilient, unafraid to pursue opportunities, found new ventures and develop strategic vision will drive this new field forward, PreMiEr will train our students and researchers to think like entrepreneurs.

Work with our industry partners to take PreMiEr’s insights and inventions to market.

Our partners help PreMiEr’s students to identify market opportunities and develop strategies to move the Center’s inventions and innovations on to products and approaches that address those needs.

The role of the Innovation Ecosystem in translating PreMiEr indoor microbiome research to innovation, products, and practice.

The benefits to becoming a PreMiEr partner are:

    • Meeting and mentoring talented students from five universities
    • Office hours with PreMiEr investigators
    • Networking with peers
    • Influencing future research directions
    • Access to PreMiEr test beds and research facilities
    • Access to PreMiEr workshops, lectures, and events
    • Tailored workshops for professional development
    • Access to collaborative research projects
    • First look at intellectual property