PreMiEr Partners

PreMiEr is excited to partner with industry stakeholders as well as expert practitioners from government and non-profit ventures in areas directly related to or adjacent to microbiology and the engineering of built environments.

Although it is difficult to predict the new market opportunities that will arise by being able to more precisely measure, modify, and model the microbiomes in our indoor spaces, we see opportunities for collaborations and partnerships in fields including but not limited to:

    • General microbiome science
    • Biotechnology and sequencing
    • Cleaning and remediation products
    • Building, environmental control systems, plumbing and fixture design
    • Construction materials
    • Sensors and other technologies for measuring the microbiome

We look forward to working with our partners to shape the direction of the center’s research, develop and market new technologies, and train a diverse cohort of microbiome engineering talent!

Current  Partners




PreMiEr Industry Partner Benefits

Organizations that become Industry Partners will have a role on the PreMiEr Industry Practitioner Advisory Board (IPAB). In addition to helping to shape PreMiEr, IPAB members may also be eligible to receive the following benefits: 

    • Early access to PreMiEr research outcomes (including reports, manuscripts,  trade secrets, and intellectual property disclosures)
    • Access to facilities and instrumentation utilized in PreMiEr research, as well as collaborative research opportunities to use such facilities (subject to requirements of the applicable PreMiEr academic institution) 
    • Focused short courses targeted at professional development, technology transfer, and data science
    • Opportunities to become a formal collaborator and sponsor of PreMiEr research projects 
    • Opportunities to commercialize PreMiEr intellectual property 
    • Access to scientific and engineering experts and to potential future employees
    • A voice in the outcomes of research and strategic direction in the PreMiEr ERC

To learn more about becoming a member of the PreMiEr IPAB, the different membership levels available, and the details of our partnership agreement please reach out to us at : or through the Contact Us form on this website.